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La Hacienda Park Punta Cana

Parque Empresarial Bávaro, local 305, Avenida de Estados Unidos S/N, Bávaro, La Altagracia, Punta Cana 23000, República Dominicana (0)
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Pure inspiration, unique and unstoppable in Bávaro Punta Cana

Monito Tours invites you to discover “La Hacienda Park Punta Cana” a new and fabulous experience where the charms of tropical nature are found in a single paradisiac corner.

La Hacienda Park in Punta Cana, is located in a spectacular environment, a unique and exciting tropical charm where you can enjoy multiple experiences and unique activities, surrounded by its majestic virgin vegetation and amazing, its charms will make you live an unforgettable day the hacienda, has 2.5 million square private, give pure beauties and vegetation.

The natural landscape of the island has the source of the Anamuya River and the beginning of the eastern mountain range. the hacienda with its eight arroyos and charming hills that cross it where it offers unique and paradisiacal and privileged views of the sea, the river valley and its small traditional populations of peasants. the enchanted hacienda submerged in a unique and spectacular context where the charms and beauties of its wild nature will certainly be the protagonists.


la hacienda punta cana

The unforgettable horseback ride in a spectacular natural environment that will leave you speechless.
Join nature

You can observe nature or you can feel it inside you. And riding is the best way to experience the spectacular beauty of this piece of paradise. The route crosses forests and crosses streams, to ascend our mountain to the source of the Anamuya River. There you can enjoy its pristine waters and spectacular views over the whole island.

The itinerary is very simple and is designed so that everyone, even the least experienced riders, can enjoy it without problems. In addition, our Quarter Horse horses are known for their nobility and gentle character. But do not be fooled by its calm nature. These descendants of the Thoroughbred are agile and fast in their snatch. Features that expert editors will know how to use. Fun for all!


la hacienda punta cana

The greatest adventure in contact with the nature of all of Punta Cana.
Start the adventure!

As soon as you put your foot on the accelerator, the emotion goes off. And you do not know everything that awaits you. Drive on roads full of mud, overcome mud pits or go through a coffee plantation at full speed. These boogies can with everything! Put them to the test and feel the adrenaline as you cross narrow wooden bridges or drive along a riverbed. A unique experience throughout Punta Cana and Bávaro.

And after so much emotion, it’s time to relax a bit. That’s what the natural pools of the river are in charge of, where you can enjoy a refreshing swim thanks to the purity of its waters.


la hacienda punta cana

Explore the deepest Dominican Republic and delight with all its flavor.
Path to the origin

When our truck enters the Hacienda, you discover the most authentic side of the Dominican Republic. During the safari you will know the origin of our typical products in the plantations of cocoa, coffee or sugarcane. As well as the trees in which mango or guanábana grow. Species that have been linked to life in the Caribbean since time immemorial.

In addition, you will know our traditional way of life in a village. Its colorful houses, its traditional cuisine, how coffee dries … And you can taste chocolate and coffee made in an artisanal way, as it has been doing for centuries. The traditions and customs of a people in harmony with nature.


La hacienda punta cana

Sensations in pure state!

If you want strong emotions, do not miss our zip line tour of Punta Cana: How about a tour of the beautiful landscapes of Punta Cana in a very different way? Climb to the top of our platform, hold on to the zipline and let yourself go at great speed. You will fly over a spectacular environment and enjoy unforgettable views, full of wild and exotic vegatation that will leave you breathless. Our zip line jumps are a unique attraction. Not everything is sun, beach and relax in Punta Cana. Download adrenaline in our zipline in Punta Cana! A unique experience, ideal for both children and adults.

With our zipline you will fly over a spectacular environment and enjoy the views in a journey of more than two kilometers of pure adrenaline. We have 5 zipline jumps and it is a unique attraction both for its route and for its safety measures: with an altitude of up to 160 meters it has been designed specifically for our facilities and allows us to enjoy a unique natural environment. Yes … At 70 km / h!


La Hacienda Punta Cana

Are your emotions strong? We have something for you that sure interests you:

Imagine feeling that sensation of speed that runs through your body from top to bottom and that produces a free fall from the heights. It sounds exciting, right? With our Quick Jump attraction you will practice freefall in Punta Cana, and you will achieve that adrenaline rush you are looking for. Jump from the top of our platform and live an authentic feeling of ’emptiness in the stomach’. The Quick Jump system allows adventurers to enjoy an authentic free fall in a controlled environment because, thanks to its magnetic braking system, it achieves a rapid initial descent in only 20 m.
Enjoy the experience of the free fall in Punta Cana. Dare to take out your most adventurous side! Live an experience that surely you will not get tired of remembering and that will become a topic of conversation for a long time.


la hacienda punta cana

It is not surprising that, for many people, Punta Cana is the true paradise on Earth.

It is a unique environment, with really beautiful landscapes that you will not find in practically any other corner of the world. And what better way to admire all these wonders than with a cable car trip? Enjoy a pleasant chairlift ride through Punta Cana while enjoying the best views of the island. Fly over its beautiful natural landscapes, its forests, its cane plantations … Live a unique experience that will surely be hard for you to forget.

Our chair lift is the first one built by European specialists in the Dominican Republic. Its route of 750 meters allows you to enjoy a slope of almost 200 meters flying over both typical cane plantations and the beautiful forests typical of the area. An unforgettable experience for those who want to photograph the best views of the emerald field with the imposing presence of the ocean in the background.



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  • Round trip transportation
  • Professional instructors
  • Horseback ride
  • Polaris
  • Safari
  • Zipline
  • Quick Jump
  • Chairlift
  • Dominican Lunch
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Comfortable clothes
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