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Canopy Adventure

Anamuya 23000, República Dominicana (0)
Online offer from / per person $75
  • Adrenalin
  • Ecological
  • Family
  • Popular
  • Professional Instructor
  • Refreshments
  • Transport included

Canopy Adventure - Zip Line Punta Cana
Canopy Adventure - Zip Line Punta Cana
Canopy Adventure - Zip Line Punta Cana
Canopy Adventure - Zip Line Punta Cana
Canopy Adventure - Zip Line Punta Cana
Canopy Adventure - Zip Line Punta Cana
Canopy Adventure - Zip Line Punta Cana

Canopy Adventure


Canopy Punta Cana

Finally, the Canopy Adventure arrived in the Dominican Republic, a new half-day excursion that shares adventure and nature in the most beautiful part of the Anamuya Tropical Forest in the vicinity of Bávaro-Punta Cana.

Maybe you know other Zip Lines or similar Excursions but none like our Zip Line in Punta Cana offers the same adrenaline with cables of more than 700 meters and a spectacular view in the tropical jungle from the top of the tallest trees.

To begin with the excitement begins just as Canopy guides begin to put all the regulatory equipment to customers and explain the steps to follow to start the Tour safely.

The next step is to climb the ladder to reach the first platform and be hooked to “the safety line” on the steel cable of the Canopy and wait for the moment to start the Tour experiencing the sensation of flying from one tree to another .

The combination of two cables, one parallel to another, unique in our Canopy Adventure ensures maximum safety and the best performance during the journey from one point to another.

Canopy Adventure guides will assist each phase of this Adventure always with maximum safety for the client also in the hiking trails between one point and another of the Tropical Jungle.

After having enjoyed the complete Canopy Adventure experience, everyone can relax at the Excursion Ranch where tropical fruits, water and coffee are available.


What includes?

  • Round trip transportation
  • Professional instructor
  • All the security team
  • Fruits and soft drinks

What do you need to bring?

Sunscreen / Sunglasses
Comfortable clothes
• Athletic or hiking shoes
• Mosquito repellent


• Limit waist size is 45 inches
• Must be 5 years old or older
• Pregnant women are not allowed
• Must be able to walk 12 miles in elevation or on uneven terrain


Approximately 4 hours


This excursion operates

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