Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions (which may be modified from time to time) are applicable to all direct or indirect services (through distributors) available online, through any mobile device, by email or by phone. By accessing, browsing and using our website (monito.tours) or any of our applications available through platforms (“the website”) and / or making a reservation, you agree to have read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions shown below, as well as with our Privacy Policies

These pages, their content, structure, infrastructure and the online booking service for activities, excursions and tours that they provide through this website (the “service”) belong and are managed and supplied by Monito Excursions SRL (“monito.tours “,” Us “,” we “or” ours “). They can only be used for personal and non-commercial purposes, in accordance with the terms and conditions specified below.

Scope of our service

Through this website, we (Monito Excursions SRL, monito.tours and its affiliates) provide an online platform through which users can book excursions, tours and all kinds of activities. When you make a reservation through Monto.tours, you establish a direct contractual relationship (legally binding) with the establishment in which you have booked. From the moment you make your reservation, we act as intermediaries between you and the service providers, transmitting your reservation data to the establishment. At the end of the contracting of the services with the suppliers, you will receive a confirmation email (from Monito Tours) with the details of the reservation, the pick-up times and the official ticket of your excursion, tour or activity.

Information or description of products offered

The information we show is based on the information provided by the suppliers. Although we try to make our service as detailed and accurate as possible, we cannot verify or guarantee that all information is always accurate, complete or correct. Nor are we responsible for errors (such as manifest and typographical errors), interruptions (due to temporary and / or partial server crashes or repairs, updates and maintenance of our website or other reasons), inaccurate, misleading or false information, or missing of information. The supplier is responsible at all times for the accuracy, accuracy and correctness of the information (both descriptive and regarding rates and availability) that appears on our website monito.tours.

Best Price Guarantee Policy

Monito Tours is committed to maintaining the best guaranteed price policy. We want you to pay the lowest possible price for your activity, excursion, tour or entrance. If after making your reservation with us, you find the same product on the Internet with the same booking conditions (date, supplier, number of passengers and schedule) and at a lower price, we will offer you the same price.

Rates and prices

The prices that appear on our website are expressed in US dollars. All prices on the website of monto.tours are shown with taxes included and are subject to change of said taxes, unless otherwise indicated on our website or in the confirmation email.

Sometimes, on our website there is a specific cheaper rate on a product. These rates created by the suppliers may entail special restrictions and conditions, for example, regarding cancellation and reimbursement. Check the cancellation policies to know the conditions before making the reservation.

Privacy policies

Monito Excursions SRL, Monito Tours and / or monito.tours respects your privacy. Check our Privacy Policy page for more information.

Credit cards

On our website monito.tours, we offer the possibility of paying reservations (in full, according to the provider’s payment conditions) during the reservation process through a secure online payment system (provided that your bank offers and supports it ). Payment is processed completely securely directly from your credit / debit card or from your account to the Monito Excursions SRL account through an external payment processor (PayPal).

Cancellation policies, no show and payment failures

By making an excursion, tour or activity reservation, you accept and agree to the cancellation and no-show conditions and policies as well as other additional terms and conditions that may affect your reservation.

It is known by “No Show” that the client does not show up for the booked tour without prior notice or communicate his intention not to attend with less than 24 hours until the tour.

Please note that a reservation that requires the payment of a deposit or payment in advance (total or partial) can be canceled (without prior notice) at the time that said deposit has not been paid on its corresponding date.

The cancellation of reservations for excursions, tours or activities does not entail any type of expense provided that it is made within 24 HOURS BEFORE the contracted services. After 24 hours, the reservation or amount paid will only be refunded upon delivery of medical proof duly completed and stamped by the health center, which specifies that the client cannot take the contracted tour.

The cancellation of reservations for excursion packages, tours or activities (such as our “Combos”) or special offers (such as our “Super Offers”), does not entail any type of expense as long as it is made within 72 HOURS BEFORE of the start of the first service contracted in the Package or Special Offers. After 72 hours, the reservation or amount paid will only be refunded upon delivery of medical proof duly completed and stamped by the health center, which specifies that the client cannot take the contracted tour.

Refunds in case of excursion packages, tour packages or activities will be made to the part or portion of the excursion, tour or activity that has not been performed and previously justified. The excursion, tour or activity packages are offers created in coordination with the different suppliers and the prices of these offers are lower than the usual prices, therefore the reimbursement value in these cases is always lower.

The reservation will always be returned via PayPal to the card with which it was paid, the first and fifteenth days of each month, depending on the day on which the cancellation was made.

Delays in payment, erroneous bank details, credit or debit card data, invalid or insufficient credit or debit cards are your responsibility and you may not benefit from the refund or refund of the advance payment (in non-refundable activities and excursions) if any of these cases occur, unless the recipient accepts it or allows it in its cancellation and prepayment conditions. Failure to pay the outstanding amount (partial or total) on the day of the contracted services will imply a surcharge of 20% additional to the total price of the reservation, the client assuming said payment and authorizing Monito Excursions SRL and / or Monito Tours to perform it without prior notice.

To request the cancellation of an activity, tour or excursion contracted, you must send us an email to reservas@monito.tours, providing in the email all the data related to the excursion, tour or activity that you have contracted, including the Reservation Number, name and date of the excursion, tour or activity, as well as your customer data.

Reserve modification

If for the reason, you want to modify your excursion, tour or activity reservation (change of date, change of shift, change in the number of participants or change of activity), this will be possible depending on the availability of the provider (s). To accept this modification and in any case you must request the change in writing via email more than 24 hours in advance of the excursion, tour or activity that was contracted and scheduled, sending us an email to reservas@monito.tours providing us in the email all the data related to the contracted services, including Reservation Number, name and date of the service as well as your customer data.

If you wish to review or modify your reservation, check the confirmation e-mail and follow the instructions indicated. If you cannot access your reservation please contact Monito Tours by sending us an email to reservas@monito.tours or soporte@monito.tours.

Confirmation of reservation information.

It is very important to contact Monito Tours at least two (2) days before the completion of your excursion, tour or activity and, again provide your hotel information as well as indicate your Room number by sending an e-mail to reservas@monito.tours.

If there was any change of hotel you must provide us with the name of the hotel and room number where you are staying. Otherwise we will not be able to pick you up at your new hotel for lack of this information, this will turn it into a No Show and you will lose all the rights of your reservation and a 100% charge will be applied to the total paid in said reservation.

In the case of excursion packages or special offers, you must (if you have not done so during the reservation), communicate to Monito Tours the order and dates of your booked excursions.

Additional correspondence

When making a reservation, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the digital ticket (or ticket) that you will have to present on the day of the contracted service. Also when making a reservation, you agree to receive an e-mail, which we can send you shortly before your arrival date, where you will find information about the destination and other information and offers. You also agree to receive an e-mail after your stay in the country, to invite you to complete an opinion form.

Modifications of date, weather and others

It may be the case that during the itinerary of a tour the weather changes, and consequently, the following would proceed:

Option 1. If in said service (excursion, tour or activity) there is no risk for the safety of the members thereof or their personnel in charge, the established itinerary is continued, no amount being returned.

Option 2. If said service (excursion, tour or activity) is compromised in safety issues due to a climate change (the decision is valued by the professional team that performs the tour and the authorities of the sector), it will proceed not to continue with the itinerary, and in that case the service providers may offer a partial or total refund of the amount of the tour to the client or offer the option of postponing it to another day.

All our services (excursions, tours or activities) are exposed to weather changes as they are carried out in the tropics, and that is why we check the weather conditions every day with the authorities and the ONAMEt (National Office of Dominican Meteorology).

Intellectual Property Rights

If the contrary is not indicated, the software necessary for our services or used on our website and the intellectual property rights (including copyrights) of the contents and information, as well as the material on our website belong to monito.tours , its suppliers or distributors.

Monito Excursions SRL, Monito Tours or monito.tours exclusively reserves ownership of all rights, title and interest in (all intellectual property rights of) (the appearance (including infrastructure) of) the website where the service has availability (including customer comments and translated content), and you have no right to copy, collect, link to, publish, promote, sell, integrate, use, combine or use the content (including translations and comments from customers). customers) or our Brand without our written permission. To the extent that you want to use (completely or partially) our content (translated) (including customer comments) or own any intellectual property rights of the website or any content (translated) or customer comments, hereby transfer and transfer all intellectual property rights to Monito Excursions SRL and / or Monito Tours. Any type of misuse or any type of action or behavior mentioned above will constitute an infringement of our intellectual property rights (including copyright and database law).